6 thoughts on “March 1, 2015”

  1. HEY FAM! Here are my suggestions for songs this SUNDAY!

    1.Glory to God Forever-by Fee (diana or Marg)
    2.Came to My Rescue-Hillsong (paula)
    3. **Above All -Sarah Reeves (Marg)
    4.How Deep the Fathers Love for us (Diana)
    5.***Forever Reign and TAG Anthem by planet shakers(just chorus) (Paula)

    **Above All- will be NEW however, its simple and we have all heard it before.
    ***I wanted to TAG the “Anthem” to the end of this song and replace the BRIDGE of “Forever Reign” with the CHOURS to “Anthem” by Planetshakers
    That may be too complicated. Or it may not be it could be simple. Me and Paula know that song like the back of our hands. So we can try it.

    We HAVE to do this song after the sermon:
    Sarah Reeves version of “Above All”…”crucified” and this is what they are saying in the scripture, “crucify Him.”

  2. Come as you are by crowder and broken vessels by hillsong.
    I would really like to do “How deep the Father’s Love For us ” as well

  3. Some ideas for songs for the special service:

    – Be Thou My Vision
    – How Deep the Father’s Love For Us
    – It Is Well With My Soul
    – In Christ Alone
    – Jesus At the Center
    – Lord I Need You

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