January 18, 2015

Musicians: Lindsey (Piano), Scott (Guitar)
Singers: Efrem, Paula, Diana

Practice: Thursday 7pm-10pm in the chapel (I can be there earlier if needed). Sunday morning we will perform a sweep of the songs at 9:45.

Sermon: Mark 14:27-31
Subjects: Jesus would be abandoned and left alone, Jesus would agonize over His passion alone, Jesus would be arrested and given up alone
Speaker: Miguel

1. Search My Heart

2. Lead Me To the Cross

3. All I Have Is Christ

4. How Deep the Father’s Love For Us

5. Forever

7 thoughts on “January 18, 2015”

  1. 1. Search my Heart (D)
    Here is the tutorial I used to learn the song, its the same finger placement he uses just moved up the neck to Paula’s key. If it will be acoustic, the video can be used to help the dynamics of the song (when to play softer or swell).

    2. Lead me to the Cross, capo 2 (b?) CAPO! 😉
    I do not use song select for this song. Here are the chords I use: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/h/hillsongs/lead_me_to_the_cross_ver3_crd.htm

    3. All I have is Christ key: depends on who sings it, strumming pattern is a little different in this song. I always had an issue catching the beat because its an off beat. But follow Matt’s high hat and cymbals for the strumming pattern and you’ll be fine!

    4. How deep the Father’s love for us not too familiar with this song. Played it once or twice but its a beautiful song, I am not one who finger picks a whole lot but if your able it would probably song great!

    5. Forever (D)
    A really good explanation of this song, we play it almost identical to this video (link below). I know its an electric tutorial, but! You can here the acoustic in the background. The strumming pattern is a driving pattern. I strum exactly how he does for the chorus: down, down, down, etc (15x) at “glorified” I play an up down to roll it a little, just to break it up, but if you want to stick to all down strums that definitely works as well. “The ground began to shake…” I strum “normal” until the second half of that stanza, you will here the drums do a cool dum dum dum dum, and “Oh death where is your sting” DRIVE the song here going into the chorus with down strums, follow Matt and Lindsey-you’ll here them change the way they play. “We sing hallelujah…” Dynamics. Think softer, not slowing down or quiet per say, just softer so you can build it back up.

    Love you guys! Praying for you all!

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